• Company hosted in the cooperative of activity and employment Chrysalide
  • 1 Alez Ar Waremm, 29000 Quimper, FRANCE
  • SIRET 443 903 562 00066 - APE 7830Z - RCS Quimper 2002 B 450
  • Publication managers : Mathilde Blanchemanche and Myrdin Mogan
  • Contact : see dedicated page

Third parts

Third party companies with whom we collaborate to provide you with our services:
  • Hetzner, provide us servers in Germany
  • Scaleway, provide us servers in France and Netherlands
  • Winscop, accounting sotfware used by our co-op

Cookies and privacy

For the navigation statistics of our websites and our customers we host our own Matomo instance, which deposits a trakcing cookie, you can refuse it by unchecking the box below:

We keep access logs on our http server :
We do not put any third-part cookie in your browser and do not transmit any data about you to third parties.

We keep HTTP access logs for 14 days:
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