We host, deploy & maintain your Mastodon instance.

Mastodon is a free and decentralized social network, based on the ActivityPub protocol for the federation. It replaces private services like Twitter or Facebook.

It is designed to limit online harassment and therefore incorporates many moderation tools. You can share any type of content, text, images, audio clips, or videos. To find out more visit the Wikipedia page of the project.

By adapting the availability guarantees, we are also able to host one of the forks of the initial project: When we host your instance on our infrastructure, you necessarily benefit from the daily backup system, replicated and sliding over several years. But also fine and grainy metrology, as well as supervision. Storage is as far as possible achieved with the s3 protocol.

For hosting your instance we use the following free & open source software: Debian GNU/Linux, Nginx, Ruby, NodeJs, Yarn, Postgresql, Redis, Rsync...

screenshot of the Mastodon web interface