We host, deploy & maintain your Nextcloud instance.

Nextcloud is a collaborative file sharing server with a web interface, it also synchronize the files on your computer with client software. It cleverly replaces proprietary services like Dropxbox, Google Docs or WeTransfer.

It integrates advanced sharing functions, making it possible to create user groups and finely manage access rights to data. To find out more visit the Wikipedia page of the project.

Here are several scenarios that we can take care of:
  • Hosting on a dedicated server within our, or your, infrastructure
  • Hosting on our mutualised infrastructure
  • Hosting on a server within the local network of your premises
When we host your instance on our infrastructure, you benefit from the daily backup system, replicated and sliding over several years. But also fine and grainy metrology, as well as supervision. Storage is as far as possible achieved with the s3 protocol.

For hosting your instance we use the following free & open source software: Debian GNU/Linux, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Postgresql, Redis, Rsync...

screenshot of the Nextcloud web interface